Solution-dyed Acrylic Fiber



The solution-dyed acrylic fiber is manufactured by adding pigment paste with fine particle into the dope, and the dope is converted into acrylic fiber. It has the properties of high strength, color consistency, high color fastness etc. Solution-dyed acrylic fiber can simplify dyeing process, eliminate defects and uneven dyeing in dyeing process, and therefore avoid the pollution of colored water and adapts to the trend of environment protection.


Since solution-dyed fiber has excellent light color fastness and  wash color fastness, it is especially suitable to make outdoor decoration materials, such as awnings, camping tent, car topper, beach umbrella and flag. Along with the increasing domestic level of consumption and development of service industries such as tourism, the solution-dyed acrylic fiber will have more and more wide market prospect.
Solution-dyed acrylic fiber can also be blended with cotton and wool to produce fancy wool, and it can also be used to manufacture artificial fur of various styles. Additionally, the solution-dyed acrylic fiber can be used into all application fields of dyed acrylic fiber.

Product Specifications



Mean Length (mm)


Black, white, pacific blue, navy blue, forest green, brilliant green, burgundy, cream, coffee, gray



Main technical Index:

Light color fastness: above 7-8 grade (ISO 105 B-02)
Wash color fastness: above 4 grade (AATCC 107-1997)
Breaking strength: above 2.5 CN/dtex


Note: The solution-dyed acrylic fiber of other colors, decitex and length can also be manufactured according to the requirement of the market.